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Do we want to try to cook and enjoy with expert Sardinian Teachers?

And then we recommend the cooking lessons of the best Sardinia Teachers who with the sound of pots, plates, tools, fires and so on, will be available for adults and children to teach how to cook and taste in Sardinian style!

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”TYPICAL SARDINIAN COUSINE” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus”]Sardinia, like all Italian regions, has its own typical cuisine but not only because there are more typical cuisines depending where you are located. Here in Gallura, for example, there are specific gastronomic delights: from porcetto to Gallurese soup, from casjiu furriatu to mazza frissa, from ravioli to chiusoni, from ruoioli to acciuleddi and much more!

So let’s start with the famous suckling pig which is usually cooked on a spit for five hours and the “carri e fodda” that is the tips of pork with cabbage, roast lamb and sheep in coat.

Moving on to appetizers and first courses, we can choose between specialties such as the Gallurese soup or the famous Olbia mussels or even between the Chiusoni, the ravioli or the culurgiones. The first is a real soup made with stale bread, cheese and meat broth (traditional poor dish) while the second is a seafood dish. Fresh pasta is also typical! Sweet ravioli seasoned with meat sauce and the chiusoni or Sardinian gnocchi.

And now, the desserts! Papassini and Seadas are the famous dessert in Sardinia specially Seadas tasty big piece of sweet pasta with cheese and honey! To try![/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]

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